About Harley Court

Our story

Having been established for almost twenty years, Harley Court is a highly reputable skin clinic, offering unrivalled expertise in non-surgical procedures. With our main clinic based in Bournemouth and several more across the South of England, we’ve rejuvenated and refreshed over 80,000 happy clients.

Excellence at every level

As an independent clinic, we have the freedom to choose our treatments and products very carefully. We’re not led by profits and aren’t committed to specific brands unlike larger corporate clinics. This is part of what makes us different.

Our aim has always been to make treatments reassuringly safe and accessible to everybody. We only select treatments with a proven history and any new products undergo a stringent process before being accepted and introduced at Harley Court.

A service as unique as you

We’re very proud that many of our clients have been with us since we began. Maybe it’s because we offer a personalised service that allows us to carefully tailor our advice and treatments. By having your own practitioner who knows your history, we can subtly adjust our recommendations as your face and skin naturally change over time. We’ve discovered that great relationships born of trust and confidence achieve the best results.

Extensive expertise

To us, expertise is paramount. We continually review techniques, keeping our knowledge and practices up to date. Every member of our team is highly trained and offers a wealth of experience. In fact, we’ve all enjoyed many of our treatments ourselves and completely understand both your excitement and reservations. This commitment helps us put your mind at rest.

Honesty that nurtures trust

We offer an honest, accurate assessment each time you return. Unlike the large chains, we don’t have sales targets, just a passion for great, natural results that you’ll love time after time.