The Harley Court Story… what makes us different

The Harley Court Story

The origins of Harley Court can be traced back 14 years when Cosmetic Practitioner Karen Riley and Clinic Manager Sandra Spencer first began working together.

In 2001, Non-Surgical Cosmetic Clinics were a rarity.

The industry was tiny and dominated by big companies, not independent practitioners.

When we formed Harley Court, we quickly expanded to meet the growing demand and began by offering treatments from over 20 different locations often working 7 days a week.

Over the years and with the formation of our head office on the outskirts of Bournemouth, these have been merged into 10 locations, spanning a wide area from Dorchester to Newbury to Waterlooville to Weymouth.

This is a picture of one of our earliest advertising campaigns.

Bus 1

This photo represented such an important landmark for both of us.  Sandra had been recovering from a serious illness and it had been an unbelievably difficult time.

Although it was an expense we could ill afford, to run the campaign was a huge morale boost.

We were so excited every time one of our buses went past!

What nobody realised at the time was how cleverly the image had been created. We only had one uniform between us so we  had our pictures taken individually and then merged together!

Bus 2

Years later we are proud that Harley Court is still independent and not part of a large anonymous corporate structure.

Although we have treated many, many  thousands of men and women, as their testimonials show,we continue to offer a personalised service.

We are able to mix and match and create flexible treatment packages that are able to meet our clients ever changing needs.

We select our treatments carefully, look at the evidence behind them and aren't swayed by profit margins or fads and trends that over time are proved ineffective or even unsafe.
Many of today's Harley Court patients have been seen by Sandra and treated by Karen since we began in 2001.
Over the years despite the Non-Surgical profession developing and expanding, within Harley Court our initial aims haven't changed.
We understand you want to look refreshed, rejuvenated, prettier but most importantly, natural.  We don't want people to leave our clinics looking frozen, over plumped artificial or done!.
You'll find that all practitioners and staff within Harley Court have an unrivalled expertise and enthusiasm for their profession.

We love what we do and are trained to the highest standards.

As time goes on we continue this training though continued professional development and are constantly reviewing new techniques and treatments.
All of the Harley Court staff have had treatments ourselves.

We will tell you what works and what doesn't and completely understand how nervous and apprehensive you feel.
If you visit our clinics you will find we will always listen carefully to your concerns and offer expert, realistic, professional advice to address your concerns.

Advice that is based on our years of experience.

All our consultations are free of charge and without obligation, although we ask for a small refundable deposit to secure your appointment.

You've heard part of our story.  We'd love to meet you and hear yours!

Give us a call or email us today.

Our clinics – At Harley Court we get to know our clients well and offer a personalised service with treatment in a friendly, unpressurised environment.

Since 2001 we have treated many thousands of men and women of all ages. We are not part of a big, anonymous, corporate group so your treatment will always be expertly administered and tailored to address your individual concerns.

Whilst our main clinic is based at West Parley, just outside of Bournemouth, we offer satellite clinics throughout the South.
There's bound to be one near you.
Check our locations page or give us a call to find your nearest centre.

Why choose Harley Court?

We have all seen the results of poor quality treatments delivered badly. We take a gradual, cautious approach. Making discreet, natural adjustments. You will never look frozen or artificial and your friends won't know, unless you choose to tell them!

The products and treatments we offer include: Juvéderm®, Restylane, Emervel®, Sculptra®, Botox®, Azzalure®, Cryotherapy and Sclerotherapy and we believe they are the best in their field.

If we feel that we are unable to provide the best treatment for your concern we can refer you to an appropriate specialist in that field.
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At Harley Court we have a wide range of treatments from anti-wrinkle injections (Botox, Azzalure) to newer longer lasting dermal fillers (Voluma/ Volbella/ Volift).

We offer bespoke treatments designed to meet your needs, give us a call today for more detailed information or to book a consultation.

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We have introduced a range of payment plans so you can pay for your treatments by monthly direct debit or join our prepayment scheme and save money off your treatments and products.

There's no credit checks or complicated forms to complete.

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