Facial Lines

The formation of facial lines can be accelerated by weight loss and aging.

A person who smokes is likely to age faster. Sun, stress  and certain medications can also trigger these changes.

illustration of a face with zoomed in circles showing potential signs of skin aging
Facial lines are treatable and at Harley Court we will help you consider the options that are right for you!

Dermal Fillers for Facial Lines

Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane popular fillers to gently lift lines.

Both of these are hyaluronic acid and may last 6-9  months. These gently lift the depth of the line causing concern.

Areas suitable for treatment with Dermal Filler include:

Forehead  lines, frown lines (between the brows), chin creases, downturned mouth corners, early lip lines, lips lines and additional volume, cheeks, nose to mouth lines.


Juvederm and Restylane costs start from £250. Prices are determined by the areas that you wish to be treated.


Sculptra is another option.  The treatment consists of a  series of injections which stimulates the body to produce its own collagen.

Collagen gives the skin a fuller appearance.

Injections have to be administered every 6 weeks normally over the course of 3/4/5 treatments.  The effects are seen 7-9 months later and the effects can last up to three years.

Areas suitable for treatment with Sculptra

Cheeks, Nose to mouth lines, temples, jowls.


Sculptra costs start from £425 a vial. You may need 4/5/6 vials. Prices are determined by the areas that you wish to be treated.


You will see some additional facial volume, normally this lasts for 24/48hours.  You may have some temporary swelling and/ or bruising.

The use of arnica cream post treatment is recommended.  You can go back to your daily activities immediately.

It is important you massage your face twice daily for a month following treatment. The aftercare advice will be discussed with you at the time of treatment.

The effects of the treatment will be seen within 7-9 months following treatment.


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