Leg Thread Veins

Thread veins are a very common problem and can be the cause of real distress and embarrassment.

Some women have more thread veins than others but they are very common and most women will have some.


At Harley Court treatment centre we offer Sclerotherapy, a safe and well-established treatment for leg thread veins.

Although there are a number of alternative treatments which are effective and preferable for thread veins on the face, sclerotherapy remains the most reliable and successful treatments to improve leg thread veins.

Procedure and recovery

The procedure takes 1/2 hour and you will be requested to wear compression tights for a period after treatment.

You can carry on with normal activity although nothing aerobic for 24 hours. These stockings should be worn on long haul flights following sclerotherapy.

Occasionally bruising and sometimes some temporary brown staining may appear after the treatment. Initially the legs may appear to look worse.

Most clients need between 2 and 4 treatments to obtain a good rate of clearance. So consider starting well in advance of any holiday times.

Thread Vein Removal Prices

A sclerotherapy treatment costs £250.

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