Tired Eyes and Wrinkles Around the Eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes can become a source of real distress. Every time you smile or frown you set off a series of contractions in the underlying muscles of your face. As these muscles expand and contract, they crease your skin.  Over time, these creases gradually become lines and wrinkles.

a woman looks in the mirror as she applies cream to the side of her eyes
Fight back against facial ageing signs with anti-wrinkle injections at Harley Court Cosmetic Clinics near you.

Wrinkle-relaxing injections

A quick, safe and simple procedure involving muscle-relaxing injections which can smooth out facial lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

Within a short period of time of your wrinkle reduction injections, you will notice a significant improvement.

Our Anti-wrinkle injectable treatments are prescription only drugs and the administration of these is a medical procedure.

We only use genuine injectables, diluted according to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons standards in dilution.

Treatment that’s right for you

Within Harley Court Treatment Centres your skin/ face/ concerns will be assessed as a whole and an individual on-going treatment plan developed to improve not only your physical appearance  but improve your self confidence and esteem.

Areas suitable for treatment with anti-wrinkle injectable treatment include: crows feet, forehead lines, frown lines (between the brows), chin creases, downturned mouth corners, early lip lines

Following your treatment we will invite you back for a complimentary check 2-4 weeks later, to make sure you are delighted with the results.

You can maintain the results of your wrinkle reduction injections with regular treatments as advised by your practitioner.

Typically, we recommend a session of injections three times a year in the first year, however over time the effects of the Botox injections tend to last longer in many individuals.

Why come to Harley Court for eye wrinkle reduction treatments?

We have treated many thousands of men and women since 2001.

Our Senior Practitioner has over 14 years experience of administering these treatments and has attended Master classes in the UK and Continental Europe.

In a recent independent survey, over 98% of our clients said they’d recommend us to their family and friends.

We  are dedicated in maintaining a natural look to achieve a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

We promise that you will never look frozen or  immobile.  Just fresh, rested and natural.

Following your treatment you are offered the reassurance of a review 2/3 weeks later where any adjustments will be made at no charge.

With 12 treatment centres across the South, there is sure to be one near you.


Costs for treatment start from £210. Prices are determined by the areas that you wish to be treated.


None. You can go back to your daily activities immediately; The effects of the treatment will be seen within a couple of weeks. You will be invited back for a complementary review 2/ 3 weeks later.

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