Payment Plans

Harley Court Cosmetic Centres are delighted to offer you a range of Payment Plans enabling you to spread the cost of treatments across easy interest free monthly payments.

These are examples only, based on our price list as from 1st May 2018.  If you give us a call on 01202 572727, we can build a plan to suit you.

 Traditional Treatment Plan

Our traditional treatment plan is a very simple pre payment plan.

Pre pay for 3 treatments in advance and you receive:

  • 5% off the total cost of your treatment
  • A free supplementary area of wrinkle relaxing injections e.g. Chin, Brow Lift, Lip Line Softening, usual cost £50.

Example treatment plan:

• 2 areas of Botox/ Azzalure (3 x per year)

normal cost £245 x 3 = £735
You pay £700, Saving 5%.  In addition you will receive 

• a supplementary area of wrinkle relaxing injections (3 x per year)

normal cost £150.
You pay NOTHING!


On the treatment plan you pay £700

FACE plan

FACE plan is a direct debit scheme.

  • Spread the cost of your treatments on Direct Debit
  • Get a year’s worth of treatments with easy monthly payments
  • No interest to pay
  • Save 5% on your treatments and any additional products/ treatments – such as Obagi bought in clinic

FACE plan is a simple prepayment plan that spreads the cost of your treatment year into a smaller monthly payment collected by direct debit.

On your first visit you pay as normal for your treatment. Then you set up the plan, so by your next visit the cost has been prepaid by manageable monthly instalments.

Face Plan is an easy way to budget for your treatments. It is not a loan or a credit agreement.
There are no fees, charges or interest to pay. In fact, the cost of your treatments will be lower when you are on FACE plan*.

For example, if you require Botulinum Toxin treatment for 1 area it would cost you £185 per visit.
Normally you will require this done 3 times a year. The total cost would be £555.

When you take out a FACE plan with us, we will apply a discount of 5% to this cost.
So using FACE Plan, the above treatments will only cost you £527.25.
A direct debit will be set up for £44 per month so that you don’t have to pay out £185 each time you visit.

The plan is flexible and if you choose to have another treatment we can accommodate this easily.
There are no tie-ins, no lock in periods or small print. You can cancel at any time but we are sure you will not want to.

Treatment examples:

Botox 1 area– usual cost -£185. With FACE plan pay £44 monthly by direct debit for 3 treatments per year

Botox 2 areas– usual cost -£245.  With FACE plan pay £58 monthly by direct debit for 3 treatments.

Botox 3 areas – usual cost -£285. With FACE plan pay £68 monthly for 3 treatments.


Omni Capital Treatment Plan

Our newest option is offered in partnership with Omni Capital and will also save you 5% off your treatment.

The simple application form can be completed online and once your application is approved you can begin treatment immediately.

Telephone us on 01202572727 for further details.


These examples are based on our most popular treatments.  Give us a call and we can devise a plan to suit you.