Spider Veins, why winter is the perfect time for treatment

If you have thread veins (spider veins) on your legs you may find yourself grateful for the winter months so you can cover up.

Winter is the ideal time to seek treatment for thread veins. Then you can face next summer with clearer legs.

shutterstock_60655156At Harley Court we use sclerotherapy to treat these veins. It can take 2/3 months to see the results and you may more than one treatment.

That’s why winter is an ideal time to start.

Sclerotherapy uses a very small needle to inject a gentle solution into the vein to make it fade.
Following treatment your legs will look worse for a week or two.

The veins will be redder and bruised. After approximately one month, your legs may look like they have not improved. This is normal. It often takes a full 90 days to see the effects of a treatment. You may find that you have some brown staining for up to 3-12 months. The brown colour is iron pigment (hemosiderin) that is left over from the red blood cells decomposing and being carried away by your own immune system.

Give us a call today, book a consultation and take the first step to clearer legs.

A sclerotherapy treatment costs £250 or £650 for a prepaid course of 3, saving you £100. (T&Cs apply*)

*Not valid in conjunction with any other promotion, birthday text, refer a friend

Spider Veins, why winter is the perfect time for treatment