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About Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is used for the removal of skin tags, cysts, warts, pigmentation marks, and seborrhoeic keratoses (brown warts).

A fine, super-cold jet freezes the area to be treated, which then gradually flakes off. The accuracy of the Cryotherapy pen, which targets only the problem area, ensures that treatments are quick and discomfort is minimal.

A series of treatments of Cryotherapy may be required and it is essential that the area treated is kept as dry as possible until the lesion flakes off. At that point a high factor sunblock must be used to protect the new skin.

Cyrotherapy treatment costs

Treatments to remove skin tags / blemishes / age spots cost from £150.

Please contact us for a consultation and we will be able to let you know the exact cost of treatment depending on what you want treated and whether it is confirmed treatable in this way.

photo of a cryro treatment under way on a small patch of skin
Cryotherapy uses cold to remove skin tags, warts, and similar. It’s an effective and safe procedure.

Cryotherapy before and after photos

Here are the results of a recent cryotherapy treatment at Harley Court Cosmetic Centres.
Please note that all moles, keratosis and papules will need to be checked by your GP or Dermatologist prior to treatment:

Before and after: cryotherapy on the upper back / shoulders:

Before and after: cryotherapy to remove mole/lesion from back of neck.
CRYO Before
CRYO after

Example use of cryotherapy to remove a pigmented spot:

(The above video is for illustration purposes only: when you talk to us we will explain the procedures that are appropriate to your required treatment.)

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