• Stop Excessive Perspiration
    Injectible perspiration treatment for excessive sweating

Excessive Perspiration

Excessive Perspiration Treatment

Perspiration is perfectly normal and the means by which the body controls its temperature.

However, for a substantial number of people this natural process works at too high a level and can greatly affect the way they live their lives.

Perspiration Treatment

At Harley Court Cosmetic Centres we offer an injectable perspiration treatment to control excessive underarm sweating. The treatment is quick, safe and virtually painless, using Botox, the same injectable toxin used for the relaxing of facial wrinkles.

Excessive sweating is treated by administering a safe, injectable solution to the overactive sweat glands.  The area to be treated is first identified by applying a powder to the skin.

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and you will notice a significant reduction in sweating within the next two weeks.  This will gradually wear off after 4-8 months.

Why come to Harley Court for your Exessive Perspiration Treatments?

We have treated many thousands of men and women since 2001.

In a recent independent survey, over 98% of our clients said they’d recommend us to their family and friends.

Our Senior Practitioner has over 14 years experience of administering these treatments and can combine advanced aesthetic treatments to meet your needs.

She has attended Master classes in the UK and Continental Europe.

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