Volbella Lip Filler

For a longer-lasting lip filler, Harley Court is delighted to offer clients Juvederm® Volbella™

Volbella is the new lip filler from Allergan® – the same company that manufacture Botox and Voluma, and it is already proving very popular with our clients.

an illustrative before and after photo showing aesthetic enhancement of lips
Volbella lip filler lasts up to 12 months, which is significantly longer than other fillers.


Volbella is used both within and around the lips. Used around the lips it helps to reduce the fine wrinkles which sometimes causes lipstick to bleed.

Lips are a key part of the face. Younger women have fuller lips and we know that volume is lost over time. Fuller lips are subconsciously seen as a sign of youth and vitality.


With Volbella you don’t need to worry, we talk you through the treatment gently. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes.  Once it settles you will have soft, slightly plumper lips that look and feel natural.

With Volbella you also have the reassurance of knowing that in the unlikely event of you not liking the result, Volbella can easily be dissolved away.

Spring 2016 Offer

During April 2016 we are offering a 1ml Volbella treatment for £325 (normal price £350)

Give us a call today for further details: 01202 572727 or email us at: info@harleycourt.co.uk

You can book Volbella treatments at all of our clinic locations: Newbury, Weymouth, Romsey, Waterlooville, Basingstoke, Dorchester, Parley (Bournemouth), Wareham / Corfe, and Farnborough 🙂

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Payment plans

At Harley Court we offer you the choice of 2 payment plans:

1. With our traditional treatment plan if you pre pay for 3 treatments we give you 10% off the total cost plus up to 3 free Obagi Radiance Peels.

2. FACEplan is a simple direct debit scheme, administered by Codeplan an external company. It’s an easy way to budget for your treatments. It is not a loan or a credit agreement. There are no fees, charges or credit checks. In fact, the cost of your treatments will be lower when you are on FACEplan.

Read more about FACEplan and payment plans here.